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Ancient Chinese Jade and the Stone of Heaven

For centuries, jade has held a prominent place in Chinese art, culture, and history. Stretching as far back as the ancient Chinese empire, jade has been used to create fine objects and been used to create materials to accompany the Chinese imperial families into the afterlife. To the ancient Chinese, jade embodies the same qualities of the Imperial family; nobility, perfection, consistency, and immortality. Today jade is seen as a good luck symbol that promotes good health, luck, and protection....(more)

Using Bathrooms in China

When traveling to different countries, there are always subtle changes in the living situations. In China, you may come across a very large change. A Chinese bathroom is very different from a Western bathroom, and you should be prepared before encountering one. Here are some tips you should remember before entering one....(more)

A Culture of Flowers: China and the Important Role of Flowers in Their Culture

The Chinese culture is imbued with symbolism. From numbers, to colors, to the thousands of flowers that cover the countryside, symbolism is evident in every aspect of the Chinese culture. As a culture of flowers, China has placed a number of different meanings based on the flower's color and delicacy. As a recurring theme in Chinese art and poetry, flowers are an important part of the Chinese culture....(more)

Chinese Animals: Rare and Endangered

China is home to many animal species unseen elsewhere in the world. Unfortunately, many of these same species are endangered, due to habitat destruction, hunting, or fishing. The species listed below are some of the most distinctive Chinese animals, and also some of the most rare. Read on to learn about some of the unusual creatures native to China....(more)

Investment and Business in China

China Currency: History of the Renminbi

The Chinese culture has been around for thousands of years. It is considered to be the oldest continuous culture in the world. Although its culture has been around for centuries, the present-day official Chinese currency has a short history. The Renminbi, having been issued in the late 1940s, can be considered a newborn amongst the history of currency in China....(more)

The Investment and Business Success in China of Robin Li

Robin Li is a self-made billionaire who controls the majority of what people see on the Internet in China through his company Baidu. Born in the small rural area of Yangquan in Shanxi Province, China, Robin first invested in his own education in China and the United States to return to China to start Baidu. His innovative ways have led him to receive many awards. He is one of the most powerful business people in the entire world....(more)

Observe Proper Etiquette when Doing Business in China

Companies that are investing in China should be aware that there is more than the financial aspect to consider. Integral to building a business is developing strong relationships with the Chinese and the first step is to get into a meeting with them. It may require more than just calling the business person up or sending them a letter. In China there are certain protocols that need to be observed, and in order to gain confidence you have to abide by these....(more)


Boutique Hotels in Shanghai

Shanghai, China is known for the luxurious accommodations it offers travelers. However, Shanghai's luxury hotels are often massive and overwhelming. If you want the experience of Shanghai luxury without the crowds, try one of the many boutique hotels in Shanghai. These boutique hotels offer every perk of the larger hotels on a much smaller and more manageable scale....(more)

Visiting Shanghai

If you're planning to travel to China, but have no idea where to start, it would be hard to do better than Shanghai. Shanghai is not only convenient, as many international airlines fly into the city, but more importantly, Shanghai is an exhilarating taste of China's culture, history, cuisine, and fast-paced modern lifestyle. There is more than enough to do to keep you entertained for your entire visit, but it could seem overwhelming at first if you're trying to decide where to start. Here's a quick guide to visiting Shanghai....(more)

A Guide to Visiting Shanghai

With a lot of international focus on its fast-paced economic growth and infrastructural development, the city of Shanghai is slowly becoming a major tourist destination in China. The city serves as an important economic hub to the people of Eastern China, and features a great variety of technological, cultural, and financial centers. Tourists to the city also have an array of renowned luxury hotels to stay in while in the city. In addition to all the modern facilities, Shanghai boasts diversity in its culture, which makes a visit to this city memorable and fun....(more)