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Made in China

Traditional Chinese Homemade Fans

The handmade fans used in various Chinese cultural traditions and ceremonies are a common purchase for tourists and cultural enthusiasts. Made in China by trained craftsmen, these keepsakes come in many varieties. They can be found at many authentic venues. This article looks at the types of these items that are available for sale....(more)

A Guide to Gift Giving at a Chinese Wedding

Chinese wedding gifts follow certain traditions that should be followed to avoid appearing ignorant or wishing ill upon the wedded couple. The gift giving begins with the families of the bride and groom. At the wedding, people typically give money in special envelopes although you may give actual gifts if you prefer. Make sure to choose a gift that properly shows your relationship to the couple and avoids the specter of bad luck....(more)

An Overview of Car Manufacturing in China

Throughout China, the world of automotive transportation has evolved over the past several decades. Bicycles have been able to outnumber vehicles in many ways, becoming the most preferred mode of transportation. More people seem to be interested in riding bicycles on the roads throughout the country instead of vehicles. However, China is still the second largest producer of automobiles around the world....(more)

5 Chinese Good Luck Charms

A belief in good luck charms is an enduring aspect of Chinese culture. Asian good luck charms range in size and shape, from reproductions of historical objects to metal or stone animals, fruits, and vegetables. Particular charms may be used for particular purposes; coins, for instance, are said to bring wealth, while ears of corn represent abundance. The list below explains the significance of five good luck charms popular in China....(more)


Ski Resorts in China

Today, the concept of capitalism and free enterprise is becoming part of the lexicon in China. The country's burgeoning middle class is looking for, and finding, ways to spend its newly acquired affluence. As in countries all over the world, the ski bug has infected China, and the growing number of ski resorts attests to a new industry there. Travel writers and ski-industry review professionals bemoan the fact that the "bunny runs" of the top ski resorts in China are crowded with first-timers using rented equipment. However, the other, more challenging trails are well groomed and virtually empty because skiing is a sport that's just catching on among the Chinese. Meanwhile, expert skiers from around the world are converging on the well-planned and very respectable ski resorts which are springing up there....(more)

Chinese Homes

China is home to 1.3 billion people. With so many people, the residency lifestyle is very different than that of Americans. The houses, for example, are much more compact and less luxurious. There are several different styles of Chinese homes, many of which are not ideal living conditions....(more)

The Forbidden City Book: the Tiananmen Square Massacre

The Chinese government controls the lifestyle of its people much stricter than that of western governments. The Tiananmen Square Massacre is one example of how Chinese officials dictate the protesting of civilians. "The Forbidden City" is a fictional story that is based on the events that led up to the massacre. It is banned in the country as well as several other materials that discuss that fatal day....(more)


What is a Mao Suit?

The Mao suit is an article of clothing that immediately brings to mind the Chinese Communist Party for most people. Nothing can illustrate the differences in the political life of China from that of the West more easily than images of hundreds of Chinese workers all wearing identical clothing as they ride bicycles to work in the morning. These images are slightly outdated, with the younger generation adopting more modern styles. But the Mao suit still remains an important article of clothing in Communist China....(more)

The Chinese Emperor

Emperors from the same family are usually classified in historical periods called dynasties. China was ruled by an emperor between the founding of the Qin Dynasty in 221 B.C. and the fall of the Qing dynasty. Most of China's rulers were members of the Han ethnicity. The emperor was viewed by the Chinese as a supreme ruler, but in practice, this was sometimes not the case....(more)

Communism in China

Most people know that China is a communist country, but not everyone understands what this means. The actual tenets of communism are often confused with the way that people experience living under a communist government. Each country that has adopted this political system has done so in varying ways, with nuances that show the organic nature of political theories. This makes the history and use of communism fascinating, particularly with respect to one of the world's powerhouses....(more)